In this tutorial, we want to create a Stripplot. In order to do this, we use the stripplot() function of Seaborn.

Import Libraries

First, we import the following python modules:

import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Load Data

We would like to use a seaborn sample dataset. Let's load the "tips" dataset into python.

tips_df = sns.load_dataset("tips")



Stripplots are a special form of scatter plots and can be used to display the distribution of a numeric variable by a specific category.

By default, the points are randomly distributed along the categorical axis. This makes the points overlap less and clusters of data points become more visible.

Example 1: Plot one Variable

In our first example we want to visualize the given tips. In order to do this, we set the x parameter to "tip".

sns.stripplot(data=tips_df, x="tip")

Example 2: Plot two Variables

Now, let's display the distribution of the tips for each day. In addition to the x parameter, we use the y parameter and set it to "day".

sns.stripplot(data=tips_df, x="tip", y="day")

Example 3: Stripplot with Grouping

Now, let's highlight which tips were given at lunch and dinner. In order to do this, we use the hue parameter and set it to "time".

sns.stripplot(data=tips_df, x="tip", y="day", hue="time")

Example 4: Split Strips

Now, let's split the distribution for lunch and dinner into separate strips. In order to do this, we use the dodge parameter and set it to True.

sns.stripplot(data=tips_df, x="tip", y="day", hue ="time", 

Example 5: Change Style

Now, let's modify the styling of the plot. We use stars as markers and choose a different color palette.

sns.stripplot(data=tips_df, x="tip", y="day", hue ="time", 
              dodge=True, marker="*", size=22, alpha=0.3, 
              palette= "mako")


Congratulations! Now you are one step closer to become an AI Expert. You have seen that it is very easy to create a Stripplot. We can simply use the stripplot() function of Seaborn. Try it yourself!


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