In Microsoft Fabric, you can schedule a dataflow by defining specific times and frequencies for your data processing tasks. This automation helps ensure that your data is constantly updated and available at the right time. In this tutorial, we will explain step-by-step how to schedule a dataflow in Microsoft Fabric.


An existing Dataflow should be scheduled.

Step 1: Open Data Factory Experience

We have already signed in into Fabric and opened the Data Factory Experience. We have selected the workspace "dlnerds_workspace".

Here you can see the Data Factory Experience.

Step 2: Select Dataflow

Switch to the workspace and search for the dataflow that should be scheduled. In our case we want to schedule the dataflow "dlnerds_group_student".

Step 3: Schedule Dataflow

Now, let's now schedule the dataflow by defining a time and a frequency when the dataflow should be executed.

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